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FVP COED Junior Volleyball Academy

Summer Volleyball Camps and Small Group Lessons

Personalized Training Sessions

FVP understands the need for attentiveness to technique in order to improve in every aspect of the game. We offer training sessions specific to certain age groups, positions, and even 1 on 1 sessions. Players will have the ability to analyze their own technique through the use of filming; which is one of the way to learn a new skill or fix bad habits! Training sessions not only allow for more touches, but most importantly: personalized feedback and attention to detail from coaches. 

We understand that each and every volleyball player comes from different experience levels and abilities. We pride ourselves on creating sessions that are not only skill building, but enjoyable for all types of players. 

Descriptions of experience levels are listed below (if necessary for sign up). 

Your athlete should have the following skills in order to sign up for the level indicated:
Level I - Novice 

Level II - Knows underhand and overhand passing, is developing serving skills, can demonstrate basic on court movement skills, understands how to play 3 vs 3 game.
Level III - Can overhand serve and can attempt to serve to a target. Understands serve-receive.  Understands techniques to jump set and side set. Understands low and side underhand passing as well as pass-set-hit sequence.  
Level VI - Can serve to a target. Understands rules of game & subbing, Can receive a serve and dig. Understands and attempts blocking skills. Can float or top spin serve. Knows transition to attack footwork. Can side & forward dive. 
Level V Can jump serve. Knows how to cover a hitter. Knows proper technique of attack and blocking, Understands officiating procedures. Able to work multiple speeds of attack, including quick sets. Understands team defensive positioning.

Contact Fox Valley Performance Volleyball

Club director: Jeff Justice

Phone: 920-428-0630

Fox Valley Performance Volleyball - Summer Refund Policy

If a registered camper is removed from a camp for any reason we will refund the full amount of the camp minus a $50 administration fee if the camper is removed prior to 3 weeks before the camp begins. If the camper is removed from the camp 3 weeks or less before the start of the camp then there will be no refund given.