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Experience Levels Descriptions

Your athlete should have the following skills in order to sign up for the level indicated:

Level I - Novice 

Level II - Knows underhand and overhand passing, is developing serving skills, can demonstrate basic on court movement skills, understands how to play 3 vs 3 game.

Level III - Can overhand serve and can attempt to serve to a target. Understands serve-receive.  Understands techniques to jump set and side set. Understands low and side underhand passing as well as pass-set-hit sequence.  

Level VI - Can serve to a target. Understands rules of game & subbing, Can receive a serve and dig. Understands and attempts blocking skills. Can float or top spin serve. Knows transition to attack footwork. Can side & forward dive. 

Level V Can jump serve. Knows how to cover a hitter. Knows proper technique of attack and blocking, Understands officiating procedures. Able to work multiple speeds of attack, including quick sets. Understands team defensive positioning.